Action Steps To Increase Your Personal Power

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2020

If you're ready to increase your personal power, here are some important habits you need to cultivate. Now is the time to take full control over your life and personal power in no time.

Stop complaining- Complaints serve no purpose and do not solve the problem. Get busy working on a solution instead.

Accept responsibility for your emotion- No one can MAKE you feel anything. You are the only one who allows yourself to feel anything. Stop allowing others to control how you feel as well as react to events, situations, and outcomes. 

Be forgiving of others- Holding on to negative feelings, like complaining, does nothing. Let go of those feelings and move on. 

Be clear about what you believe in- If you are not grounded in your values and beliefs, your personal power withers. Your values guide your emotions and actions, so be sure you know what you really believe and what you want deep down.

Take action- You can only create positive outcomes when you act. And when you do so, you will feel more powerful. Seize opportunities to make things happen. Action is crucial to your development.

Make sure you have boundaries- Boundaries allow you to dictate what happens in your life and how you allow yourself to react emotionally. Establish boundaries that honor your personal power.

Stop playing the victim- You choose how to react to all of life’s events. You can choose to learn from what has happened to you and use it in the future, or you can choose to be victimized. Being a victim gives away your power to others.

Stop thinking unproductively- Thoughts that focus on the “what ifs” in life are not helpful. Don’t’ spend hours wondering what life would be like if something happened. Go out and make that happen, instead.

Learn to be uncomfortable- Learning to deal with the hard and uncomfortable things in your life is part of accepting your personal power. When things are difficult, you have much to learn. Embrace the learning experience.

Let go of what is not serving you- Make the choice in each moment of your life to hold onto those things that give you the power to serve your goals and let go of everything else.

Stop being dependent on others’ opinions- It does not matter what others think about you or your life. They are not living it; you are. You do not need to be liked by everyone, and no one else’s approval matters.

Be authentically you- Living life on your terms, as your authentic self, is the only way to live within your personal power. You are unique and different, and you should honor that whenever possible.

Pay attention to pain- The things that hurt most in life are those that can teach you the most about increasing your personal power. When you feel pain, you are headed in the wrong direction. Challenge yourself to see your pain more often to keep you focused on your goals.

Stand out- When you are trying to blend in, you have doubt and fear, not personal power. Do not disguise who you really are. Instead, trust that you are enough, and stand out!

Let your heart guide you- Personal power is courage, which comes from your heart. Use your heart to guide you, which will help you be resolute in your convictions and actions.

Love all aspects of yourself- When you completely accept yourself, for all your flaws and imperfections, you regain your personal power. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with being flawed, as it's part of being human. Embrace it, do not hate it.

Believe in your goals- Compromising your goals for others will leave you feeling unhappy and forces you to give your power to others. Remain steadfast in your beliefs and goals if you want to live a powerful, happy life.

Remain in control of your emotions- Allowing others to evoke reactions from you and to push your buttons is giving them power over you. Name your triggers and learn to control your reactions to these.

Always remember, you can shift the tide- When things are not going like you want or need, you have the ability to change directions, make new choices, and turn it all around.

Celebrate your power- Being grateful for your life and your ability to feel empowered will help you honor and support your work toward increasing your personal power.

See the distinction- There’s a difference between giving your power away and empowering others, the latter helps increase your personal power.

Use your personal power to challenge, influence, encourage, command respect, and hold people accountable. This will only increase your power.

You don’t need to intimidate others to display your personal power, embrace humility to increase your personal power.

Don’t concern yourself with what others think- There’s a difference between empathy and giving your power to everyone else.

Don’t wait for someone else to solve your problems, you have the power to do it yourself and when you exercise that power, it provides you with a boost.

Don’t be afraid to admit your shortcomings- This allows you to improve and improvement begets personal power.

Learn to temper your emotions- You can be in touch with your emotions, but to increase your personal power you cannot wear them on your sleeve.

Learn to manage stress, be positive, and relax- Stress and negativity are quick ways to sap your personal power.

Think before you speak (or act)

Exercise your self-worth, establish your boundaries, and be assertive in your bid to maintain them.

Leave your ego at home, find logical solutions, and avoid getting into heated arguments.

Create a schedule that is realistic, knocking out your to-do list is a sure way to boost your personal power.

What’s in your heart?- Courage, which is a form of your personal power, can be seen in your actions and those actions stem from what’s in your heart.

Accept yourself as you are- You can be accountable for your actions and still embrace yourself for who you are.

Recognize that you are capable of affecting change, whether it’s for yourself, others, or the world around you.

Take action- You feel more powerful when you act in ways to create your own positive outcome.

In an ideal world, we would be pain-free- There is a lesson in pain, but don’t allow yourself to be obsessed with it. It’s a cue that you’re heading in the wrong direction.

Sometimes you have to learn how to deal with discomfort- You can’t push it all aside, you have to walk through it – that means letting go of negative emotions when it’s time.

You are powerful enough to shape events, you can use your compassion and kindness to be instrumental in redirecting negative actions.

Celebrate all the wins in your life, even the smallest ones- With every victory, your personal power will increase.


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