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Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? Some of us tend to lean towards optimism, while others find the negative in just about anything. That’s why positivity is SO important. Here, the goal is all about keeping a good attitude.


Why Is It Important

Think back to the last time you were excited about working on something. You were motivated to get started and powered through to the end. Not only did you enjoy the process but you also stuck with the project and got it done in record time. That’s the kind of attitude that sets you up for success and also the reason why it’s important to focus on positivity in everything you do.


How To Get Started

One of the best ways to start focusing on positivity is through gratitude. Start your day by writing down two or three things you’re grateful for, and that sets the tone for the entire day.

Use a small journal and think about three new things to be grateful for each morning before you begin your workday. It seems like such a small thing, but it has a big impact. You’ll find that you notice other things to be grateful for throughout your day and are more in-tune with the positivity around you.


Improving Your Skills

The next step is to turn your attitude around when you’re not feeling particularly positive. To improve your skills, get in the habit of looking for the good in everything. I promise you there’s something good to be found even when you’re having a bad day or dealing with a difficult client. It could be something simple, such as the fact that you woke up that morning, or that you’re grateful to have a client who helps pay the bills.

Whenever you find yourself feeling down, or sliding into negativity, stop what you're doing and instead, make yourself look for something good. Keep looking until you discover it. Do this and slowly but surely your entire outlook on life will change. There's a lot to be grateful for in life. Keep looking for the good, and you’ll continue to reinforce this cycle of positivity.


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